State of the Nation's Waistline 2014 - Obesity in the UK: Analysis and expectations

The purpose of the State of the Nation’s Waistline report is to audit the state of obesity in the UK, to identify what initiatives and policy exists, and to assess their effectiveness in tackling obesity and weight management issues.

Obesity and weight management are a direct cause of many health problems and are already placing enormous demands on the NHS at a time when health resources are stretched like never before. The current situation is unsustainable.

The report makes recommendations as to what we must do in order to address one of the great public health and societal problems of our time. 

The report has been released to coincide with the launch of National Obesity Awareness Week, an opportunity to engage with the public and raise awareness of obesity and weight management – but more importantly to discuss and highlight how these issues can be addressed at national, business, societal and individual levels.


The State of the Nation’s Waistline report can be accessed by the following link:



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