Statistics on obesity, physical exercise and diet: England 2007/8

The Information Centre [IC] for Health and Social Care
February 25th 2009, February 2009

The stark headlines -40% increase in bariatric surgery, 30% increase in hospital admissions for obesity and an 11% and 12% increase in boys and girls respectively since 1995 just how bad the obesity situation in England has become.  Though NOF was quoted in by every national newspaper as being horrified at each statistic it has to be said, in the calmer language of this website, that it recognises the need for bariatric surgery when all other attempts at weight-loss have failed.  Prevention must always be better than cure and NOF will continue to remind the government of this need.

There is a glimmer of hope.  IC statistics which the press were less inclined to headline were that a greater proportion of adults were meeting guideline on physical activity, that a greater proportion of both adults and children were eating five portions of fruit a day and that the rise in childhood obesity appears to be flattening out.  Regarding this latter finding, IC recognises that data in the next couple of years will be important in confirming whether this is a continuing pattern.