Supermarkets team up to promote fruit & veg

Several national supermarket  chains have teamed up in Edinburgh to promote fruit & vegetables, doctor reformulate some of their own brand fruit & vegetable produce and swap fruit for chocolate at check-out.  This could well be a “ feasibility study “ for a wider roll-out throughout the United Kingdom.

It sounds too good to be true – and hopefully it will become contagious across the country. The Scots would like to think that it’s a dramatic illustration of supply and demand and shows a seismic “ behaviour change “ shift in the nation: truth is, it may be more to do with falling in line with the coalition government’s “ responsibility deal **.  But as they say in the trade, “ every little helps! “

** The “ responsibility deal “, aka nudging, won’t work by itself, according to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee.  The government has really to be prepared to use legislation to tackle obesity.  NOF is very comforted to know that it’s not alone in sharing this view.


RADIO  Edinburgh/Forth radio