Obese man loses surgery Appeal

Tom Condliffe, pill a morbidly obese man [BMI 43], rx whose primary care trust [PCT] refused to fund his bariatric surgery, for sale has lost his Appeal to take his case to the Supreme Court though he may ask the court itself to consider his case on the basis that it raises issues of general public importance.  His QC argued that the PCT disregarded the benefits of surgery but the PCT responded by stating that health authority bosses were entitled to make such decisions without taking into account non-clinical and social factors.

The NOF is bound to inquire what is the purpose of NICE [the National Institute of Clinical Execellence] if the courts are going to run a coach and horses through its guidance?  Mr Condliffe, who has several co-mobidities brought about by his weight, qualified for surgery when he had a BMI 35.