Obesity-drug use rises massively 2010-2011


The use of weight-loss drugs has risen by 65% and sales of other slimming products by 20% in this last year according to a survey by the The Co-operative Pharmacy. Chemists record that they have concerns that the rise could be the result of discrimination. 20% of people surveyed stated they had been victimised over their weight with women most likely to to say that they had been ridiculed about their bodies.  Depression and stress were also cited as the greatest influence on weight gain.  The survey urged people to consult their GP or pharmacist about ways of shedding weight.

Discriminating against the obese is deplorable with the psychological aspects of obesity often overlooked.  Unfortunately GPs can still be very hesitant in talking about weight issues and be dismissive. They will be prescribing lifestyle advice before prescribing drugs - but increasingly it appears that their patients demand the latter or even bypass their GP to buy their pills over the counter.