Low calorie sweeteners and its role in weight management

Consumption of low calorie sweeteners (LCSs) is increasing, but questions remain around their role as a potential tool for weight management. The existing evidence regarding the effect of LCSs on energy balance, appetite, food intake and glycaemic response, and their role in weight management was recently reviewed during a roundtable meeting of representatives from the National Obesity Forum.

The key conclusions and practical tips around the effective use of LCSs in weight management for healthcare professionals, as discussed during the meeting, form a new discussion document by the Forum. The document, entitled The role of low calorie sweeteners in weight management: Evidence and practicalities”, summarises the evidence for the use of LCSs in weight management while also addressing some of the common misunderstandings surrounding their use. In summary, the evidence reviewed suggests that LCSs are an appropriate tool for weight management with few, if any, discernable negative effects and some potential benefits.

The document was published as a supplement to this month’s edition of Diabetes Digest, and a PDF version can be obtained by clicking here.

The complete list of papers reviewed by the authors for the purposes of this supplement can be accessed here.

Acknowledgement: This document and the roundtable meeting of the authors upon which it is based were supported by Thirst for Knowledge, an educational initiative for healthcare professionals funded by Coca-Cola Great Britain. If you would like to receive updates on other Thirst for Knowledge initiatives, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .