NOF/Weight Watchers Research Award - 2010

Tony Hirving, order winner of the 2010 Research Award 

Tony Hirving won the 2010  Research Award from the National Obesity Forum and Weight Watchers. What started as an idle corridor conversation with a dietetic colleague has blossomed into a full-blown research study. Now the post-win euphoria has subsided, he talks to Jenny Poulter about his research journey. He describes how the award gave him the kick-start to take the plunge and get involved in ‘grown up’ research. 

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NOF/Weight Watchers Research Award - 2011

This year’s winner of the NOF/Weight Watchers Research Award is Dr Mira Mojee, stuff a Clinical Psychologist from Glasgow and Clyde’s Weight Management Service.  Mira plans to develop a new intervention for ‘significant others’ (family members or friends) of obese people attending an established NHS weight management service.

There is clear evidence that support is an essential element of weight loss success. However, prescription there is little practical help for those closest to the people who are struggling to lose weight.

Mira intends to fill this gap and her starting point will be some qualitative research to delve into the views and needs of those at the centre of their weight loss journey.  This will provide the vital insight on which to base her intervention targeted at significant others.


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