How do I find out what my BMI is?

scalesOne of the easiest and quickest ways to find out your BMI is to ask your pharmacist who will be able to carry out the measurements and tell you what your number is.  It’s always good to be properly measured by a professional using medically approved equipment as the majority of people doing it themselves often under-estimate their weight and over-estimate their height.  Your pharmacist will also be able to answer your questions and advise on future courses of action.
obeseYou can find your nearest pharmacist by clicking here. This external link will take you to the national NHS Choices website, click on ‘Pharmacies (chemists)’ enter your postcode and click ‘Search’.  
If, for any reason you do not want to speak to a pharmacist or another health professional, you can use our BMI calculator on this page which does all the maths for you.  Make sure you enter numbers either in imperial or metric and then click on ‘calculate BMI’.  This will tell you your BMI measurement.