Byetta/Victoza get a shot in the arm


Although they have been available for some time as treatments for diabetes, drug Byetta and Victoza - drugs that mimic a gut hormone suppressing appetite - looks as if they might be a simple once-a-day injection that takes care of obesity, too.  National Obesity Forum chairman, Professor David Haslam, says tha they really have the potential for revolutionising treatment.  " Safety wise they are pretty good. I am using them on my patients and have had a lot of success. For some they have helped lose four stone and have brought blood sugar under control for the first time ". The have also helped patients blood pressure and reduced cholesterol and enzyme levels.

It is not all good news of course. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea but trails reported in the BMJ [Jan 14th] suggest that overall patient satisfaction with the treatment is relatively high.   Thankfully a drug for obesity may be no longer limited to Alli or the XLS Fat Binder pills available over-the-counter at pharmacies.