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There is no magical cure and ageing is universal. The only way to grow old with a reasonable quality of life is to follow some simple principles. Look after your body by eating the right food, do not overload it with toxins and stay mobile. 


Doctoryourself has been born out of recognising how little the medical profession can do to help when the damage is already done. Treating High Blood Pressure and Diabetes with medication of course is helpful and will prolong life but most drugs have side effects. It is always more difficult to reverse a problem,  which could have been avoided in the first place.

Doctoryourself believes that making the individual more aware of the many implications of the lack of exercise; they might just find the impetus to take on that task. 

Doctoryourself believes that the message has to be simple and powerful. People need to realise that everything they do has got consequences, that getting older means working harder in order to keep the body in shape, they might well be persuaded to change their habits and live healthier.

Reduce the risk of avoidable diseases. Doctoryourself.

Dr. Winfried Brenneis, GP