Should parents lose custody of super obese kids?


To-day’s publication of the journal of the American Medical Association states that putting children temporarily in foster care is in some cases more ethical than obesity surgery.  Dr David Ludwig, sickness a US top obesity expert, rx states that the point is not to blame the parents but rather to act in the children’s best interests and get them help that for whatever reason their parents can’t provide [JAMA July 13th 2011]

Dr Matt Capehorn, sick NOF Clinical Director, asked a BMA conference in 2007 to agree that, in a worst case scenario, social services should be called in if a child’s health was at risk from its weight.  The BMA declined but over the years, after a number of UK children have been so referred, many doctors have shifted their opinion.  In its August 21st edition last year the BMJ [British Medical Journal] outlined when childhood obesity should become a child protection issue.  It proposed a framework for practice.